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Denver Youth Dentistry and Orthodontics

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Denver Youth Vision is proud to serve the Denver area and surrounding communities with our caring pediatric optometrists. Denver is a great place to call home. With its beautiful weather, beautiful landscapes, and thriving economy, it is an ideal place to raise a family. If you enjoy outdoor activities, you’ll love the many parks and trails available throughout the city.

From famous sights like the Denver Art Museum and Denver Zoo to vibrant nightlife spots like Larimer Square and Coors Field, there’s something for everyone in Denver. Try out one of the many award-winning golf courses like the City Park Golf Course or Willis Case Golf Course.

Denver is truly a city for all; come and see for yourself!

Pediatric Eye Doctor in Denver

Our Denver Youth Dental And Vision location is your one-stop shop for all things vision in Denver. We offer a wide range of pediatric optometry services for treating conditions like amblyopia (lazy eye) and strabismus (crossed eyes). We understand how important it is for your child to receive the best possible eye care, so we are dedicated to providing the highest quality service in a comfortable environment.

Kids Eye Glasses & Contact Lenses

We offer a full range of kids’ eyeglasses and contact lenses. We specialize in helping children find glasses that fit their unique personalities and style. 

Our optometrists are trained to work with kids of all ages to ensure they get the perfect pair of glasses or contacts for them. Choose from our great selection of kids’ frames and contact lenses, including Dilli Dalli frames. 

Ensuring your child has the right eyewear is essential for their vision health. So come in today and let us help you find the perfect pair.

Denver Youth Vision: Your Eye Doctor in Denver

Nearsightedness and Farsightedness Treatments

Myopia (nearsightedness) and Hyperopia (farsightedness) are very common vision issues among children. When a child has undiagnosed vision problems, it can lead to difficulty reading and learning. At Denver Youth Vision, our optometrists have experience working with kids and specialize in myopia and hyperopia management. Come in today and let us help give your child the vision care they need.

Eye Infection Treatment

Eye infections can be serious, especially for children. If your child is experiencing redness and irritation in their eyes, it’s important to get them checked out right away. At Denver Youth Vision, we provide comprehensive care for treating and managing eye infections. 

Our optometrists are experienced in diagnosing and treating many types of eye infections so your child can continue to learn and play comfortably. If you are searching for an eye doctor in Denver, we can help!

Eye Exam Denver

Your child needs to feel comfortable and supported by their vision care team, and our experienced optometrist will make sure they do. 

Eye exams are an important part of protecting your child’s vision, so don’t delay. Schedule their eye exam today at Denver Youth Vision!

If you’re searching online for a pediatric optometrist in Denver or an eye doctor in Denver, visit Denver Youth Vision and see why we are your best choice for vision care in Denver.

Colorado Health First Vision

We accept Colorado Health First Vision benefits (Medicaid), and Colorado Health First members can receive free or low-cost vision services. Schedule an appointment with us today to take advantage of your benefits! 

If you need clarification on your coverage, come in, and we can help you with any questions.

  • Vision benefits with Medicaid for children include eye exams, glasses (one frame and single or multifocal lenses), ocular prosthetics when necessary, and low vision aids. Eyeglasses can be fixed when broken or replaced if the cost to repair them is more than the cost of new frames.

Your Child’s Vision Is Our Priority

At Youth Dental & Vision, we believe that every child deserves access to high-quality vision care. We are dedicated to providing your child with the medical care they require, regardless of your family’s financial situation or insurance coverage.

Choosing a dental or vision provider should always be made with confidence, and that’s why our staff is devoted to providing top-notch care for all our patients. When you partner with us, we’ll work together to ensure your family has access to the best in vision health!

Find us at Denver Youth Dental and Vision 1400 Grove Street, Denver, CO 80204. To book an appointment at this location, call (303) 825-2295 or complete the online booking form.